December 2011

Anderson County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Minutes – December 6, 2011

Call To Order:

Trish Polfus, LEPC Chair, Methodist Medical Center
Members Present:

Gail Baird, Anderson County HD
Lin Chilcoat, ACEMA
Tom Cloud, TEMA
Leon Duquella, DOE
Tony Farris, ARC – Anderson County
Susan Gawarecki, ORR Local Oversight
Janet Murrill, B&W Y-12
Trish Polfus, Methodist Medical Center
Chris Raymond, SWS Environmental Services
Todd Robinson, SWS Environmental Services
Kim Shunk, UCOR
Katrina Tyler, TDH
Dave Wallace, DOE
Michelle Wolfgram, ORNL

Minutes From Last Meeting:

• Minutes approved with a motion by K. Shunk and seconded by M. Wolfgram.

Committee Report Updates:

Community Awareness:
• S. Gawarecki and M. Wolfgram submitting newspaper article announcing January LEPC regular meeting.

Emergency Response:
• EMA responded to a car wreck in Medford and delivered pig responder equipment.
• MMC:
• Burst sprinkler in Cheyenne Building caused flooding.
• Cleaned up flooding and doors opened on-time the following business morning.

• No Report.

Treasurer’s Report:
• Did not receive additional deposits for 2011.
• Did not have additional expenditures for 2011.
• Balance - $6,455.08

New Business:
• Voting on By-Laws at January Regular Meeting.
• Public announcements may be made through various mediums:
• Newspapers, Facebook, Website, Radio, etc.
• Anderson LEPC now has a Facebook page.
• By-Laws, Article II, Section 9:
• Committee Recorder to keep attendance record.

Next Meeting:
January 10, 2012