January 2012

Anderson County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Minutes – January 2012

Call To Order:

Trish Polfus, LEPC Chair, Methodist Medical Center

Members Present:

Gail Baird, Anderson County HD
Lin Chilcoat, ACEMA
Tom Cloud, TEMA
Betty Dick, Anderson County HD
Leon Duquella, DOE
Tony Farris, ARC – Anderson County
Susan Gawarecki, Consultant
Janet Murrill, B&W Y-12
Trish Polfus, Methodist Medical Center
Kim Shunk, UCOR
Katrina Tyler, TDH
Dave Wallace, DOE
Michelle Wolfgram, ORNL

Minutes From Last Meeting:

• Minutes approved with a motion by M. Wolfgram and seconded by T. Farris.

Committee Report Updates:
Community Awareness:
• Oak Ridge Local Oversight Committee was formerly disbanded January 9, 2012.
• Clinton community hosting Emergency Preparedness Fair in May 2012.
• Methodist Medical Center Employee Safety Fair held in December 2011 was successful.

Emergency Response:
• EMA:
• Mitigation Plan approved by FEMA. This plan gets reviewed annually and is due again December 2019.
• Damage assessment training, open to the community, on February 16, 2012 (6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.).
• Want to host a severe weather training class.
• MMC:
• Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) grant is providing all East Tennessee hospitals computers for HAM operators to enhance their communications.
• East Tennessee Region annual full-scale hospital exercise will be in April.
• American Red Cross (ARC):
• Responded to a few fires with little impact/response.
• Regional ARC Exercise January 11, 2012, involving 36 ARC chapters.
• Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) regional table-top exercise to be held January 12, 2012.
• February 23, 2012 – conducting statewide communications test.
• February 20 – 24, 2012 – severe weather week.
• East Tennessee Technology Park:
• Conducting the required full-scale exercise June 2012.
• Scenario is a tornado.

• No Report.

Treasurer’s Report:
• Did not receive any deposits.
• Received newspaper invoice for Annual Meeting.
• Fee for this was doubled.
• Suggestion to eliminate this fee with free postings in community newsletters, websites, Facebook, etc.
• Balance - $6,455.08

New Business:
• Exercise overview of Y-12 National Security Complex Full-Scale “Active Shooter” exercise given by Terry Nore. See attachment below.
• Very good exercise.
• On-Site and Off-Site full participation.
• Excellent planning team.
• Link to presentation:
• Y-12 National Security Complex will conduct their annual full-scale exercise in August and the scenario will be a bomb threat.
• Voted on By-Laws.
• M. Wolfgram made the motion to approve.
• K. Shunk seconded the motion.
• Quarum approved.
• Public announcements may be made through various mediums:
• Newspapers, Facebook, Website, Radio, etc.
• Anderson LEPC now has a Facebook page.
• By-Laws, Article II, Section 9:
• Committee Recorder to keep attendance record.

Next Meeting:
February 7, 2012

Active Shooter Presentation548.96 KB