November 2011

Anderson County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Minutes – November 1, 2011

Call To Order:

Trish Polfus, LEPC Chair, Methodist Medical Center

Members Present:

Gail Baird, Anderson County HD
Lin Chilcoat, ACEMA
Betty Dick, Anderson County HD
Leon Duquella, DOE
Tony Farris, ARC – Anderson County
Janet Murrill, B&W Y-12
Trish Polfus, Methodist Medical Center
Kurt Schmidt, SAIC
Kim Shunk, UCOR
Katrina Tyler, TDH
Dave Wallace, DOE
Michelle Wolfgram, ORNL

Minutes From Last Meeting:

• Minutes approved with a motion by T. Farris and seconded by B. Dick.

Committee Report Updates:

Community Awareness:
• SAIC recently held an Employee Emergency Preparedness Fair focusing on personal preparedness. In addition to this event, conducted a Business Continuity Tabletop Exercise.

Emergency Response:
• EMA:
• Responded to one (1) HAZMAT event.
• Participating in Y-12 Active Shooter Exercise.
• Training Classes: ICS-300 will be conducted November 12-13, 2011 at 8:00 a.m., and ICS-400 December 3-4, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. at the Knox County Emergency Operations Center, 605 Bernard Avenue, Knoxville.
• Prerequisite certificate copies for ICS-100, ICS-200, IS 800, and NIMS-700 must be presented the first day of class. ICS-300 is a prerequisite for ICS-400.
• To register please contact Colin Ickes, 215-1166 or
• MMC:
• Follow-Up to the hospital Full-Scale Exercise held in October.
• Scenario: down draft winds and hail damage to MMC, affecting the whole hospital.
• Overall a very good exercise with communication being the main area for improvement.
• ARC:
• Meeting with Tennessee Emergency Management Agency to review/revise current Multi-Jurisdictional Plan.
• Anderson County population growth exceeds current shelter operations plans.

• No Report.

Treasurer’s Report:
• Received one (1) deposit.
• Do not expect additional deposits for 2011.
• No Expenditures.
• Balance - $6,455.08
• Working on legislation to continue to receive “dues” from community partners.

New Business:

• Betty Dick, Anderson County Health Department awarded “Rural Worker of the Year”.
• Special Projects
• New LEPC Committee or place under responsibility of LEPC Vice Chairman.
• Both would require a change in the By-Laws with final approval by the LEPC.
• Issue of which LEPC member is responsible for maintaining the B-Laws.
• Add annual review of the By-Laws as a standing item for the Annual Meeting held each January.
• Currently finalizing changes to the By-Laws.
• December 2011 - review By-Laws.
• January 2012 – Annual Meeting will include By-Law submission and approval.

Next Meeting:
December 6, 2011