October 2011

Anderson County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Minutes - October 2011

Methodist Medical Center
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Minutes – October 4, 2011

Call To Order:

Trish Polfus, LEPC Chair, Methodist Medical Center

Members Present:

Lin Chilcoat, ACEMA
Betty Dick, Anderson County HD
Susan Gawarecki, ORR Local Oversight
Janet Murrill, B&W Y-12
Trish Polfus, Methodist Medical Center
Todd Robinson, SWS Environmental
Kim Shunk, UCOR
Katrina Tyler, TDH
Michelle Wolfgram, ORNL

Minutes From Last Meeting:

• Minutes approved with a motion by L. Chilcoat and seconded by K. Shunk.

Committee Report Updates:

Community Awareness:
• Website has the capability of populating the meeting minutes.
• Facebook – Create a LEPC Facebook Business Page.
• The website and Facebook can be “linked” to give the ability to exchange information.
• M. Wolfgram volunteered to be the LEPC Facebook Administrator.

• Methodist Medical Center’s (MMC) Safety Fair will be held in December for employees.
• Focus - Home Preparedness.

• September Emergency Management Forum went very well.
• Over 400 attendees.
• Suggesting to DOE to offer training during the “off” years of the Forum.

Emergency Response:
• EMA:
• Federal Fiscal year complete.
• Documentation completed and submitted to TEMA.
• Seventeen (17) emergency management agencies in this region are NIMS compliant.
• October 17, 2011 offering a combined ICS-100 & ICS-700 class at the EMA office.
• MMC:
• Conducting Full-Scale Exercise in October.
• Scenario: down draft winds and hail damage to MMC.

• Audits are held annually in August.

Treasurer’s Report:
• Received one (1) deposit.
• No Expenditures.
• Balance - $6,355.08
• December 1, 2011 – Post Office Box renewal due.
• Remaining LEPC Expenditures:
• January – Tier II letters and newspaper article.
• February – Website maintenance.

New Business:

• No review of LEPC By-Laws at this meeting.
• Grant letter distributed and reviewed.
• Submit a grant application in conjunction with surrounding DOE impacted areas.
• Use this funding to support exercises.
• Use this funding for LEPC Conference.

Next Meeting:
November 1, 2011