Frequently Asked Questions

A core component of the Anderson County LEPC is education. Presented below are some of the most freqently asked questions of the Anderson County LEPC.

What is an LEPC?

An LEPC is a gathering of representatives in your community who have an interest in hazardous materials safety Members may include representatives from emergency management, local fire departments, law enforcement, health care, industry, transportation, public health, and others. As a group they will identify potential risks that your community faces from hazardous chemicals stored in and/or transported around your community. The committee's goal is to prepare the community to best protect itself in the event a chemical emergency occurs.

Why do I need an LEPC?

Through the LEPC the public will be able to seek out information about chemicals in their community and identify safety plans within their own families. Anderson County needs to know they are safe and that there are plans in place to assist should a chemical release occur.

How is the Anderson County LEPC funded?

Tennessee Public Acts Chapter 185 (House Bill 716) grants each LEPC authority to assess and collect fees of $100 annually from all industrial facilities that submit Tier II Reports.

Need more answers?

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about the Anderson County LEPC. If you wish to address your comments to us in writing, please mail them to:

Anderson County LEPC
P.O. Box 4455
Oak Ridge, TN 37831 USA